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Preparing For Your Session

  1. New client intake forms are attached to your appointment confirmation email, please print and fill them out prior to your session. If you are unable to have them filled out prior, plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your session to fill them out at the office.
  2. Set goals for your treatment and share them with your therapist during your evaluation. This will help us work together to help you achieve them. Some thoughts to help you set realistic goals are: How is the pain or discomfort you are feeling affecting your daily life? Are there activities that you are not able to do that you would like to do?
  3. Refrain from wearing oils or lotions. Oils and lotion will make the skin too slippery, limiting the therapist maintaining the myofascial stretching techniques.
  4. Bring the appropriate clothing for your treatment. Myofascial release is performed directly on the skin. The clothing you wear should be loose fitting for the therapist to access different areas of the body. We recommend elastic waist shorts, loose t-shirts, a sports bra or a comfortable full coverage bra for treatment.

During Your Treatment

New client sessions will begin with reviewing your health history, an evaluation and postural assessment. This will allow your therapist to see and feel the restrictions (hot, hard and tender areas) that are contributing to your pain and/or other symptoms. You are unique and your body is in a constant state of change. Postural and visual assessment of your fascial system will be ongoing from treatment to treatment.

During your treatment,the therapist will apply skilled touch into your fascial restrictions, stretching them or using other techniques to soften the tighten restrictions. You may feel sensations like buzzing, tingling, discomfort or other sensations throughout your body. If you feel the urge to stretch or move, allow it to happen. Old held, trapped emotions that are embedded in the fascial system can surface when the restriction is being released; allow these feelings to come up and move through you. Your therapist is skilled to assist and guide you in this process. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable or if a technique is creating too much discomfort, please let your therapist know.

After Your Treatment

  1. It is recommended that you drink 1-2 glasses of water after your treatment. You may even feel thirsty so be sure to drink up. Water will also decrease post treatment soreness.
  2. It is not unusual for someone to experience post treatment soreness, also referred to as a healing crisis. You are not injured or re-injured, this is the way that the body heals- we often get worse before we get better. Healing is not linear, sometimes it is two steps forward and one step back. Remain focused on your goals and let your therapist know of any areas that were hot, red, or where you experienced discomfort. Those are areas that will need to be treated in your upcoming sessions.
  3. Self treatment exercises will be shared with you after your sessions. Clients who follow their home self treatment program progress along with regular Myofascial Release session will reach their goals faster and have lasting results. It is our goal for our clients to feel empowered to care for their own fascia with periodic treatments for overall wellness and preventative health.