We’re A Fun, Relaxed Myofascial Release Treatment Center Looking For…

A Happy, Personable, Energetic, Tech Savvy & Detail Oriented Administrative Assistant with a Strong Desire to Help People

Dear Client Care Admin,

Do you enjoy…

-Making others smile


-Meeting and Talking with a Variety of People

-Having a truly pivotal role in a company that helps active people stay fit, healthy, and mobile while avoiding medications, injections and surgery?

If so, this could be the perfect position for you!

About Us 

Before we dive into roles and tasks, let me give a quick background on the company and why this position is so important.

 I started North Shore Myofascial Release 5 years ago and it has been steadily growing over the years. Actually I started as Balanced Healing in 2009 as a massage therapy practice then after extensively studying Myofascial Release, I re-branded and moved to a larger location in Peabody. With the larger space I was able to bring in an infrared sauna, offer small group workshops, and have a space for clients to learn self care tools for pain relief/injury prevention. 

Last year, I changed my business model so that it was more focused on exceptional customer care. I began to be out in the public more sharing myofascial release at wellness expos and in the community.  I also decided it was time to grow my myofascial release practice so that I could serve more clients and increase my wellness offerings. 

I am hiring someone for the client care position so I can free up my time to serve more clients and spread my message in the community. I plan to hire another Myofascial Release therapist and a Reiki or Energy Healing Practitioner in the near future so that I can continue to grow my business. 

I currently have two part time team members: a virtual admin who helps with client care and  an in-office support person who helps with client payment processing and organization. I would like to have another part time person to help support me in the office with administrative duties as well as keeping the office organized and well kept.  Working well with my existing team is a must for this position.

Here is a little bit about me: https://www.northshoremfr.com/about/meet-the-team/


Growing Our Clinic (Job Description)

I’ve utilized part-time admin assistants along the way for various tasks and I’m still absolutely buried in administrative duties that keep me from executing the important marketing and procedural systems the company really needs to grow efficiently.

We will be strengthening and growing our commitment to make North Shore Myofascial Release a therapeutic space that gives its clients the best overall experience they’ve ever had with any healthcare office and work to help end the frustration and hopelessness in thousands of people with pain in the North Shore, MA and beyond over the course of the next 5-10 years. 

At North Shore Myofascial Release our mission is to be the wave of the future in healthcare by providing comprehensive pain and injury prevention treatments and educational experiences that help empower people to live pain- free and active lives. 

The person in this position will have just as big a role in making that happen as the myofascial release therapist do … probably even bigger.

This job could be best described as a mix of “office manager” and “receptionist.” Though you will work in the center’s waiting area and perform the usual duties of a receptionist, you will also be taking care of many other administrative (and even some marketing & sales) duties.

This is currently a part time position, 12 hours per week. 

Here are the primary characteristics a candidate must have for this important role in our company: 

-A warm and calming demeanor and an affinity towards communicating comfortably with new people and making them feel welcome

-Natural empathy and compassion for those in pain

-Willingness to learn and implement feedback

-Strong attention to detail

-Be a problem Solver and self-starter 

-Desire to work in an intimate, quiet, subdued environment

 We are looking for the right person who can hold this position with maturity, a deep level of care, and always looking for the best way to balance the needs of the clients and the business. As an implementer you will apply your passionate team player skill set, your ability to pick up and run with new technology and processes (in an ever changing landscape) and will put to good use your exceptional people skills. You will be responsible for completing all tasks that are assigned to you (project and ongoing tasks) in a timely manner and with a high level of accuracy.

If this describes you, I’d love to meet you.


Regular Duties and Tasks Include:

  • Being a warm and welcoming ambassador of the company – greeting clients when they arrive, getting them water, processing payments and scheduling appointments
  • Cheerfully answering the phone and returning client and prospective client calls. (You will be provided with scripts to guide many of your phone conversations … especially with prospective client calls. It is important you are open to coaching and guidance on how to manage and process phone calls, because in many ways you will be our front line ‘salesperson’)
  • ​Monitor, direct, and respond to company emails and phone calls in a timely and professional “on-brand” way. ( You will be provided with templates and scripts to guide many of them)
  • ​Being a grammar, spelling, and punctuation warrior when sending and responding to emails
  • Prepare new client paperwork and handouts –  this will take very little of your day (and it’s already not very time consuming)
  • ​Smiling and connecting with people
  • ​Tracking and ordering office supplies
  • ​Coordinating projects with other team members using Google Drive, Trello and Gmail
  • ​Overseeing Laundry service, packing the laundry, leaving it out for pick up, and putting away clean sheets and towels.
  • ​ Maintain a clean environment for clients on a daily basis ( we have a cleaning service for vacuuming, dusting etc)
  • ​Being thrilled to have a job where people love and appreciate you and value your presence everyday
  • ​Maintaining and managing the client relationship management software, ( Mailchimp)
  • ​Learning all about the exciting world of ‘social media and online marketing’
  • ​Creating/transcribing procedure task lists, training videos and modifying policies/procedures as needed
  • ​Recording and documenting monthly staff meetings
  • ​​Just being awesome in general and proactively thinking of things that could make a huge difference to the way the business runs
  • One of the things we offer our prospective clients is a free discovery visit.Your role will be to facilitate this via initial phone calls, following up with clients and supporting our therapists in helping patients make the best decisions for themselves. Training will be provided on this.



This position requires a commitment of 12 hours per week to start. Tuesday 9-1, Wed 9-1, Thursday 1-5 or Friday 10-2. There is flexibility in the hours and days of the week, our center is open Tuesday- Friday and a couple of Saturdays a month. These are the hours that we are most in need of as prospective and client calls come in during that time frame.  

There is a 30-day training/trial basis with pay starting at $13.50 then a pay increase to between $14-15 hours depending on skill level. There will be a 12 month review with a raise and opportunities to grow within the company either through increased hours, promotions and raises. 

Thanks for reading this far! If you’re interested in applying for this position, please send an email to: [email protected]

And …

1) Use the Exact Subject Line: I am a Client Care Admin!

2) Within the email, please answer

  1)How does your background meet the requirements for this role? ( Be sure to list specific training or skill sets that would provide an extra value)

2)And tell me about a time when you made someone happy.

 Thank you so much for your interest in this position. 

I hope to meet you soon!

~ Jessica

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