Your search for a way to end the pain in your body is over!

You CAN be free from pain, feel more alive, confident, and free to live the life you desire.

Imagine what you’ll be able to do and experience with your new found energy: 

  • You no longer have to worry or anticipate that you’ll be in pain (you just get to enjoy your day!) and can leave the house without a plan for coming home to your couch, heating pad and an Advil
  • Your connection with your partner improves because you can have date night, go hiking, and enjoy each other pain free
  • You don’t have to think about your pain anymore! You get to finally feel calm, relaxed, and confident in yourself – trusting your intuition about your body again

You’ve tried everything to get rid of your pain, from massage, to acupuncture, and PT to yoga and Chiropractors.  

But it always comes back. 

Maybe you’ve had c-scans, MRI’s and tests which all come back as negative or it’s noted as arthritis or a herniated disc (which isn’t necessarily the cause of your pain.) 

It can feel like “you’re going crazy,” and maybe you’ve been told that it’s all in your head, or worse, there’s nothing wrong with you! 

The pain, frustration and exhaustion you feel is real…

…And it sucks.

You shouldn’t have to feel this way (and you’ve felt this way for a really long time…years or even decades).

  • You don’t need to feel so exhausted that doing daily activities like cooking, walking with a friend, or playing with the grandkids sends you to bed early
  • You don’t need to jump to expensive medications, injections or surgeries 
  • You can eliminate the subconscious patterns that are creating the pain in first place 


Don’t give up hope. Even if you’ve tried everything, healing from ongoing pain is possible. Your body knows how to heal itself, you simply need the proper tools to help you release the pain and feel your best.


Imagine…… that you feel confident enough in your body to start moving your body again, reconnect physically with your partner, play on the floor with your grandkids without getting tired, sitting comfortably in meditation or even just enjoy a pain free work day- experiencing life with joy and ease.

Imagine working with a caring, compassionate practitioner who will hold space to help you release and let go physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Your body’s story is safe to be told and unfold while you’re here.

I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you that were exhausted, frustrated and in pain and now they are hopeful, sleeping better at night, have more energy, and are loving life again.

When I began helping clients with pain management over a decade ago, I noticed that something was missing.

Even with the best in conventional and holistic treatment, people were not getting better. Many times, their pain even got worse.

Then I discovered Myofascial Release, and everything changed. The fascia (pronounced faSHA) is the connective tissue that helps the body maintain its structure, and when healthy, it keeps us moving fluidly and without pain,

Most people in pain have unhealthy, stiff and stuck fascia. But for the most part, modern and alternative treatments have ignored the fascia and its role in a healthy, well-functioning body.

At North Shore Myofascial Release, we work with the fascia to return women back to a life free from pain caused by conditions including:

  • Neck, Back and Shoulder pain
  • Myofascial Pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Scoliosis
  • Scars
  • Restriction of motion and mobility 
  • TMJ/ Jaw Pain
  • SI joint Pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Women’s Health Issues
  • Pelvic and Pelvic Floor 
  • Pain with unknown causes 

The Freedom From Pain Intensive Program is a dedicated week of healing… an holistic myofascial treatment program for women struggling with physical pain.

Although our week together is “intensive” because our focus is on healing your pain, you’ll also experience a deep feeling of release, lightness and peace of mind. (And you’ll get to pretend to laugh at my best dad jokes).  

Because the Freedom From Pain Intensive Program is designed to allow you to take time out of your daily life to concentrate on YOUR healing, I recommend that you have the following in place for best results: 

  • You are able to travel and/or stay near Marblehead, MA (near Salem) for the week (without commuting becoming a source of stress) 
  • You’re able to take the week off of work and personal life commitments as much as possible as you will need the time to process and integrate the work we do each day 
  • You’re committed to completing the exercises and “homework”, and are open to receiving suggestions and support. 
  • Healing is a two way street. You understand that your results depend on your willingness to show up fully and do your best (with me supporting, guiding and cheering you on) 
  • You’re able to invest in your week of healing ($3000 – payment plans are available)

Program Details

Whole Body Evaluation and Assessment with photos to review before and after program

Three Individual Myofascial Release Session in a single day

Educational Support with breathing and guided meditation techniques

Treatment with a highly skilled therapist throughout the week

Individual Home Self Treatment Instruction

How to Schedule

For those who have experienced Myofascial

  • Your Myofascial Release therapist recommends that you participate in the program and you are a current client at North Shore Myofascial Release.
  • You are not a current client but have received Myofascial Release from another John F. Barnes MFR therapist.

If you’re new to Myofascial

  • If you are new to Myofascial Release and would like to schedule a phone evaluation
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