Do you feel like you tried everything and nothing worked?

Don’t give up hope.

The Freedom From Pain Intensive Program is an effective treatment program for clients with chronic pain.

This is for you if you:

  • Have long term chronic pain and have experienced little to no change with other forms of therapy.
  • Have experienced relief from myofascial release sessions but symptoms return.
  • Would like to experience faster, long lasting change.
  • Have experienced trauma.
  • Would like to experience emotional release.
  • Are seeking for a personal retreat for mind/body connection or personal growth.

The Freedom From Pain Intensive is a 5 day one-on-one effective treatment program consisting of a series of daily Myofascial Release treatments. The series of daily Myofascial Release treatments allow you to free up the restrictions and stored emotions, help your body remember its natural fluid state and break patterns that are no longer useful.

Program Details

Whole Body Evaluation and Assessment with photos to review before and after program

Three Individual Myofascial Release Session in a single day

Educational Support with breathing and guided meditation techniques

Treatment from a highly skilled therapist throughout the week

Individual Home Self Treatment Instruction

How to Schedule

For those who have experienced Myofascial

  • Your Myofascial Release therapist recommends that you participate in the program and you are a current client at North Shore Myofascial Release.
  • You are not a current client but have received Myofascial Release from another John F. Barnes MFR therapist.

If you’re new to Myofascial

  • If you are new to Myofascial Release and would like to schedule a phone evaluation