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How to Use Smudge or Smoke for Peace and Balance

Smudging or Smoke has been around for many many years, dating back to ancient times and native cultures. The smoke or smudging is used to clear away negative energies and purify the air, similar to a cleansing bath. When I use smoke or smudge to clear a room, it feels lighter, clearer and the activity for me is meditative and peaceful. I use it as ...
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Is your mentality impeding your progress?

How a “fix it” mentality is getting in the way of you truly healing from chronic pain and what it really takes to get better. ----- If you have ongoing chronic pain, that could be a ache or pain that hasn’t gone away or a pain that creeps up a couple of times a year. No matter where the pain is, back pain, neck pain, ...
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6 Strategies to Help You When the Pain Relief Plateaus

Was your pain relief getting better and better, and then stagnates and you’re still in pain? I know this all too well. If you have been in the place where you feel that you haven’t made any shift in your pain, know you are not alone. In fact, this occurrence is very common. Let me start off by sharing that healing from pain is not ...
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Path to Wellness Gift Guide for EVERY BODY

I'm excited to share with you this Holiday Gift Guide. I put together a great list for EVERY BODY and to help relieve aches and pains. The holiday season is the perfect time to gift an experience to a loved one, to offer them a chance to try something different, and to connect with you by sharing what has helped you feel better.  This is ...
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Community Event: Nature walk and Myofascial Movement

Community Event: Nature walk and Myofascial Movement Gather with like minded people who are on a path to wellness. I’m hosting a free event on Friday, Nov 23rd at the Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary. We’ll gather as a group for a breathing exercise and Myofascial Movement that will help to calm, ground and open our senses for a nature walk. All are welcome The event is ...
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How Will An Infrared Sauna Help Me?

We've had some questions, curiosity and excitement about the Infrared Sauna. How will this help? and What it is, I've never heard of one before? "A recent Japanese study published in the journal, Internal Medicine, showed that chronic pain patients experienced a significant reduction in pain levels (nearly 70%) after the first session of infrared sauna therapy. Pain scores also decreased significantly and remained low throughout ...
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Client Success Spotlight: Deb’s Journey Forward from Chronic Back Pain

It can be challenging when you are in pain for years and it continues to get worse.  Deb made it through the frustration and challenges and got her life back, including a half an inch in height! Please help me celebrate Deb by reading her story and leaving a comment on the blog. I think you might find some of your story there in hers. -Jessica ...
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10 Fascinating Facts About Myofascial Release

10 fascinating facts about myofascial release (MFR) One of my goals at North Shore Myofascial Release is to invite other healers and practitioners to share their information, advice and experiences on myofascial release and related healing tools. This month, I'd like to introduce you to Amanda Oswald, owner of Pain Care Clinic in the UK and author of book Living Pain Free: Healing Chronic Pain with ...
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Take Your Power Back: Discover your Healing Potential

Welcome, I am excited to announce a new offering to help you find relief from pain, tightness and stress. Take Your Power Back- Discover your Healing Potential from Pain is a mind, body and soul program for those who want to a natural solution to helping themselves heal and live vital, active lives. It is a home program that can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities ...
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Why You Should Never Give Up On Healing, Part 2: Redefining Health

Welcome! This is Part 2 of a 3-Part series to help you understand the possibilities when it comes to healing and living the life you long for! If you missed Part 1, you can read it HERE. You have a program on your website that says “Finally stop trying, worrying and spending thousands of dollars on medicine that isn’t helping and techniques that don’t work ...
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Why You Should Never Give Up on Healing, Part 1: My Story

The body has a story to tell when the space, time and environment is right. Here is part of mine, and why I became a healer. Past trauma holds people back from living full, healthy passionate lives. I’m here to change all that. I’m an intuitive healer and teacher and this is part 1 of a 3-part series to help you understand the possibilities when ...
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How to Ease Pain with Grounding

Have you ever had an increase in pain and that lead to feelings of anxiety? Have you ever snapped at a loved one as a result of your pain? Do you feel irritable? Stressed? Often when we experience pain, we lose connection or awareness (the inability to feel) of our body. Losing this connection with our body allows tightness, tension, stress, and held emotions get ...
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Pain Free, Return to Ease and Letting Go. My Favorite Pain Relief Books

Hello there! I am back from Key West where I had the opportunity to train with John F. Barnes in his Quantum Leap seminar. John guided us through  four days of advanced techniques and centering exercise to expand on our skills. The room was buzzing with excitement as many therapist shared their experiences with the new research that is now being discovered on our fascial system ...
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3 Ways to Care for Your Fascia and Start living a Pain- Free, Authentic Life

Fascia is a new and mysterious system of the body to most and the principles for caring for it can feel confusing or overwhelming. You've probably been taught stretching, strength training or foam rolling to help your body heal or stay flexible and healthy.  You may have found that using those techniques may have not helped as you would have like them too.  What happened was the fascia is ...
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Scar Healing, Alternative to Invasive Procedures

This article was written by my mentor and teacher, founder of The John F. Barnes Approach Myofascial Release John F. Barnes. BY JOHN F. BARNES, PT September 2011 Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa www.LNEONLINE.COM TRAUMATIC OR SURGICAL SCARS can be a problem because they tend to grow inside the body of an individual, in a very unique pattern similar to a vine. Scars you see ...
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6 Steps to Take When You Fall to Prevent Prolonged Injury

Slips and falls can happen.. It is a part of life. And the icy winter roads and sidewalks help to create an increased chance of you experiencing one. I've laid out the steps to take when you have fallen or have witnessed a fall to decrease the chances of prolonged injury.   First, I'd like to share some information on your body and fascia. It's a ...
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4 Simple Steps to a Pain Free Life
(12 Page Guide)
Decrease Your Pain