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How to Ease Pain with Grounding

Have you ever had an increase in pain and that lead to feelings of anxiety? Have you ever snapped at a loved one as a result of your pain? Do you feel irritable? Stressed? Often when we experience pain, we lose connection or awareness (the inability to feel) of our body. Losing this connection with our body allows tightness, tension, stress, and held emotions get ...
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Pain Free, Return to Ease and Letting Go. My Favorite Pain Relief Books

Hello there! I am back from Key West where I had the opportunity to train with John F. Barnes in his Quantum Leap seminar. John guided us through  four days of advanced techniques and centering exercise to expand on our skills. The room was buzzing with excitement as many therapist shared their experiences with the new research that is now being discovered on our fascial system ...
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3 Ways to Care for Your Fascia and Start living a Pain- Free, Authentic Life

Fascia is a new and mysterious system of the body to most and the principles for caring for it can feel confusing or overwhelming. You've probably been taught stretching, strength training or foam rolling to help your body heal or stay flexible and healthy.  You may have found that using those techniques may have not helped as you would have like them too.  What happened was the fascia is ...
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Scar Healing, Alternative to Invasive Procedures

This article was written by my mentor and teacher, founder of The John F. Barnes Approach Myofascial Release John F. Barnes. BY JOHN F. BARNES, PT September 2011 Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa www.LNEONLINE.COM TRAUMATIC OR SURGICAL SCARS can be a problem because they tend to grow inside the body of an individual, in a very unique pattern similar to a vine. Scars you see ...
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6 Steps to Take When You Fall to Prevent Prolonged Injury

Slips and falls can happen.. It is a part of life. And the icy winter roads and sidewalks help to create an increased chance of you experiencing one. I've laid out the steps to take when you have fallen or have witnessed a fall to decrease the chances of prolonged injury.   First, I'd like to share some information on your body and fascia. It's a ...
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4 Simple Steps to a Pain Free Life
(12 Page Guide)
Decrease Your Pain