Pain Free, Return to Ease and Letting Go. My Favorite Pain Relief Books

Hello there! I am back from Key West where I had the opportunity to train with John F. Barnes in his Quantum Leap seminar. John guided us through  four days of advanced techniques and centering exercise to expand on our skills. The room was buzzing with excitement as many therapist shared their experiences with the new research that is now being discovered on our fascial system. It is truly an exciting time to be in the field of Myofascial Release.  Along with many books  being published about Myofascial Release, and the research that is starting to catch up with all that John F. Barnes has been teaching over the past 30 years.  I put together a list of my top 6 ! If you find them helpful please share your story with us at your next visit or on our Facebook page. Best in Health, Jessica


1. Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment Book Your Path to Authentic Healing and Pain Relief by Joyce Karnis Patterson, PT

Learn how to heal yourself with the Myofascial Stretching & Self Treatment techniques used by the authority of Myofascial Release, John F. Barnes, PT. The John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Approach® is authentic healing! The Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment Book is the resource you need to not only learn about Myofascial Release, but also discover a comprehensive self-treatment program that can reduce or eliminate your pain and restore your sense of well-being.

See the Book recommendations Page for more info and link to purchase

2. What’s in your Web? Stories of Fascial Freedom by Phil Tavolacci, MSPT, PT

Phil Tavolacci skillfully weaves his personal journey (from chronic pain to vibrant health) with core information about fascia and Barnes-based Myofascial Release. Phil ends each of his twelve chapters with contributions from clients he has treated with MFR. These personal client essays clearly convey how Myofascial Release is capable of having a positive impact with a wide array of issues and challenges.

See the Book recommendations Page for more info and link to purchase

3.Touching Light by Ronelle Wood

“You have inside of you a cloak of gossamer connective tissue that surrounds and supports everything and functions like fiber optics. This tissue is called fascia.

I began my mission to spread the word about myofascial release in 2003. Through the subsequent years, I’ve come to realize just how challenging it is to put the whole subject of MFR into words. It’s so much easier for me to communicate through touch.”–Ronelle Wood

See the Book recommendations Page for more info and link to purchase

4.Letting Go of Chronic Pain by Luis Alvarez
“My book is an inspirational and practical approach to lessening chronic pain utilizing T’ai chi and myofascial release principles. It is intended for the general public as well as health practitioners.” –Luis Alvarez

Luis’s book can be purchased directly from his website

5. Pain-Free by Dottie DuParce
 Life got you down? Are you in pain, either physically or emotionally? This memoir will take you through the trials and triumphs of the author’s life as she shares the many events that caused her pain, some of which are thought to be events you just can’t come back from. Yet she was able to find a way to complete the loss after her daughter’s death and find a way to alleviate 43 years of chronic pain after many doctors told her she would just have to live with it. Join her as she shares her story of tragedy and joy.- Dottie DuParce
Dottie’s book can be purchased by visiting amazon.

6. Return to Ease:Gently Reconnect With Your Body’s Natural Mobility and Joy
My intent with Return to Ease: Gently Reconnect with Your Body’s Natural Mobility and Joy is that you will see the beauty within yourself as you look upon the beauty in this book. Let this book become a mirror for you as you join me on a journey that has the potential to empower you, open you in unlimited ways, and return you to ease.
If you allow it, this book can provide a new way of looking at yourself, your body, your mind, and your spirit. It can help you connect with your life in new ways that support a healthy and joyful you.

Return to Ease can be purchased on their website.

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