Always a Spiritual Awakening

My last session was nothing short of a miracle. My shoulder and arm were nearly incapacitated when I came into see her. I have not had pain to that degree before, ever. I am a professional pianist, too, which added to my mental distress. She took her time and started very far away from where my pain was centered and by way of slowly easing out other blockages, I was 80% pain free when I left. Today, the next morning, I am 100% pain free! I was SO happy I could play again, FREE of pain!

– Rebecca H.

Intuitive Healing

Jessica’s energy is warm and safe and I enjoy working with her.  After doing some “rebounding” my knee issue that had been around for years has finally disappeared.  Her intuition and ability to really listen to both words and the body is her gift.  She has helped me, my sister, brother in-law and niece…..all with great results!  Thank you Jessica!

– Donna L.

Highly Skilled Therapist

My MFR sessions with Jessica have been tremendously helpful. She was able to eliminate the pain which brought me in initially and I was so impressed with the treatments that I’ve re-booked to work on other long standing issues. I’m no stranger to massage and bodywork having worked as an MT myself, but MFR with Jessica has brought about bigger changes and greater relief than I’ve experienced before with other types of work. She is a highly skilled therapist and I would recommend her to anyone.

– Kelly F.

Relief for my Back Pain

I can’t believe how I lucked out when I found NSMR and Jessica. I had tried PT, chiropractic, massage and acupuncture and really found no significant relief for my back pain. I’ve participated in 6 treatments and she has helped not only my back but other areas as well. I’m in a different place physically as well as emotionally. Thank you Jessica!

– Marybeth G.

Help with Migraines

Jessica is a wonderful Myofascial Release therapist! So, so glad to have found her to help me with Migraines and Muscle Pain. I highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for answers other than pain medications and lost days of hurting.. Wonderful!

– Christy K.

Relief Lasts Longer

Jessica is an exceptional practitioner! She is extremely knowlegeable about the musculoskeletal system as well as the fascia. She is always professional and makes me feel very comfortable while she is treating me. I totally enjoy a good massage but I have to say my experience with myofascial release is that the results and relief of tension last longer. I have been treated several times by Jessica and would highly recommend her and North Shore Myofascial Release!

– Tricia C.

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