Four Ways to Speed Up the Healing Process

Your body has an amazing ability to heal… You’ve probably heard this statement before — or perhaps this perspective is new to you. Maybe you’re not clear on how to help your body heal. I’m here to share this information with you.

If you have had an ache or pain that has been present for over six months, I’m here to tell you that your body has the most amazing internal wisdom to share with you to help you on your healing journey.

You don’t have to suffer in pain. You don’t always need an over-the-counter pill to get through the day.

You can get back to doing the things you love — being active again and moving with less pain.

You don’t have to cope or live with chronic pain.

The problem is that most people don’t know how their body gets better and what to do to speed up the healing process.

Just for a moment, let’s revisit the idea that your body can heal. Have you ever cut your finger? You may have washed the cut, put some ointment and a bandage on it and then, over the course of time, it healed on its own. If you kept using your finger while it was injured, the cut would re-open and the healing would take longer and perhaps you would also be at risk of getting an infection.

If you are trying to help your pain — back pain, neck pain, migraines or any other ongoing issues — with stretches, exercise, over-the-counter medication, heat, massages, etc. and you’re not getting the relief you need, try adding the following practices in to your self-care plan:

1. Quiet your mind with meditation or daily stillness

While we can’t meditate our pain away, we can gain insights and awareness about our body that can help us with the pain. Meditation can also help with accepting where the pain is and how it can change. It also helps you notice the change in pain sensations and which areas of your body aren’t experiencing pain.

2. Feel the sensations in your body

Your body communicates with you by highlighting aches, slight pains, discomforts and other sensations. Numbing the pain only temporarily stops you from feeling it — it doesn’t help you with the root cause of the pain or the symptoms. Relax, turn on your sensors, and feel the origin of the pain in your body (without “thinking” of its source). Follow the steps in the next tip and breathe into the area of discomfort.

(I am not referring to pain from a serious injury where you need to seek help from a medical professional. If you are having an emergency medical situation, please seek immediate medical attention.)

3. Breathe – Deep Belly Breaths

Babies are born natural belly breathers. Baby’s bellies puff in and out with each breath. As you age and experience stress, trauma and injuries, your breathing becomes more and more shallow. The breathing that once came from your belly now comes from your chest and upper body. This type of breathing triggers your body to feel anxious, tense and to tighten. This leads to tension in your neck, chest and shoulders, as your body tries to get each breathe in.

Try to slow your breathing down — inhale for the count of four and then exhale for the count of four. Imagine with each breath that you have a giant beach ball in your belly that you are filling on all sides with each breath in.

4. Consistency is key

Consistency is key when healing ongoing aches and pains. When you have a strong Myofascial self-treatment home program — including a meditation/ stillness practice and breathing exercises — and you give yourself permission to get better, you have the tools to help yourself move into a pain-free place.

I hope these tips help you to have less pain and more ease in your life. Leave a comment and let me know if and how it was helpful for you.

Jessica Kaloutas, LMT, is an expert Myofascial Release therapist and teacher for those suffering from chronic pain, acute injury and trauma. It’s her calling to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal. She’s known for blending the ancient wisdom of Myofascial Release with empathy and compassion to offer powerful, mind/body education and treatment, resulting in personal empowerment, long-lasting pain relief and an amazing, joyful life!

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