How to Use Smudge or Smoke for Peace and Balance

Smudging or Smoke has been around for many many years, dating back to ancient times and native cultures. The smoke or smudging is used to clear away negative energies and purify the air, similar to a cleansing bath.

When I use smoke or smudge to clear a room, it feels lighter, clearer and the activity for me is meditative and peaceful. I use it as a way to connect with a deeper part of myself and to tend to the space I am in. I will often clear or cleanse myself before the start of the day and clear a room at the beginning of the week. It can be helpful to smudge a room or house every season especially after a big clean, like spring cleaning, before the week begins (a great Sunday ritual) or before and after having guests.

In the article, Scientific Facts that Make me Want to Start Smudging Right Now, Alex Myers says;

“Sage is one of the most popular herbs used for smudging. The word sage stems from the Latin word salvia, which translates to ‘healthy’ or ‘to heal.’

Studies have also shown that burning sage increases clarity and awareness, heightens wisdom, improves moods and enhances the memory and quickens the senses. (It is no coincidence that the word sage is also used to describe someone steeped in wisdom and humility).”

What you’ll need:

  • A smudge stick made of preferable made of dried local herbs like sage, pine, cedar, mugwort, juniper, rose, lavender
  • A good heat safe bowl smudge stick after being lit, I use an abalone shell
  • A lighter or matches

How to use it:

  • Clear and quiet your mind
  • Take a few breathes in and out
  • If it feel comfortable for you, you can set an intention or invite in peace, harmony, balance
  • Light the end of the stick, let it burn a few seconds until it begins to smoke then blow it out.
  • I like to carry the stick and bowl together with the bowl underneath to catch the ashes. You can also keep the stick in your bowl.

Walk around the room with the smoke and go towards the corners of the room where the energy is densest. Pay close attention to windows, doorways and allow your intuition to guide you.

When you feel its complete, let it burn out or rub the end of the burnt stick into the heat safe bowl, plate, shell whatever you are using. The idea is that you use what you need and hopefully the stick will have burned out when you are done.

Depending on the size of your smudge stick and how much it burns, you may want to open a window while you use the smudge and please do not inhale the smoke while you use it.

Have you tried smudging or smoke before? What benefits have you noticed? What changes have occurred?

Let me know in the comments

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Taking the time to connect with your intuitive self through smudging or smoke will not only clear the energy of your space, you will feel more at peace too.


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Jessica Kaloutas, LMT, is an expert Myofascial Release therapist and teacher for those suffering from chronic pain, acute injury and trauma. It’s her calling to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal. She’s known for blending the ancient wisdom of Myofascial Release with empathy and compassion to offer powerful, mind/body education and treatment, resulting in personal empowerment, long-lasting pain relief and an amazing, joyful life! She is the creator of the Pain-Free and Joyful Life Program.

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