Intensive Treatment is the Answer for Chronic Pain or Trauma-Related Symptoms

What’s an intensive bodywork treatment?

Intensive treatment (a series of multiple-day, back-to-back, hands-on sessions and coaching) is an excellent option if you’ve tried everything for your chronic pain without success. Not many people realize they have this option, or the power in it for optimal wellness, health and healing.

After receiving my first intensive treatment my eyes opened to the possibilities for my own healing and transformation. I expected relief of my physical issues, but what I received was so much more than that; a connection to my creativity, a connection with nature, and a connection to who I really was.

I started to understand the whole-body pieces to healing; that there were restrictions in my mind-body that were connected to my mental, emotional and physical problems. There was a part of my body that held the answers to freedom, joy, improved relationships, enhanced intuition and many other things.

The answer is in “holistic”

I’ve been practicing as a massage therapist primarily using John F. Barnes Myofascial Release as my main modality for ten years. I started receiving and offering intensive treatments because of the power they have to break up poor, habitual patterns of pain, dysfunction, and restrictions, especially for those with chronic or complex conditions or those who suffer from past trauma.


When I started my career I worked in an integrative center with other practitioners like acupuncturists, chiropractors, nutritionists, etc…and thought it would be my dream job as far as holistic care goes. But clients weren’t progressing like I expected and I wanted the answers as to why they weren’t getting better.

I became a seeker and explored modalities like CranioSacral therapy and hypnotherapy and then finally ended up in a myofascial release class. In my very first class something about it really resonated. Why isn’t this being shared more? I thought.

This was the missing link!

So I started getting treated and taking more classes and began to notice how my life was starting to change for the better. Yes, my physical body, but my whole life was starting to feel more exciting and vibrant.

I decided on an intensive, as opposed to regular spaced-out treatments, because of some physical challenges but was surprised when I found that many of my restrictions were tied into how I was living my life in other ways. I felt so much lighter, calmer and more peaceful. I was energized, even after a long day at work. I didn’t feel like I was rushing from one thing to the next. I was way more in tune with myself and my intuition.

I was especially surprised with the emotional component of the healing. I felt emotions I didn’t know were there as they came up to be released very readily.

I decided I would sign up for an intensive session every year at that point. And every time I went there was a huge positive impact on my life. I felt more and more comfortable in my body, I felt more adventurous, and my ability to communicate with my family improved. I felt more compassionate and relaxed. I was even able to swim in the ocean for the first time; something my husband would tell you I’d never do before that.

My clients would get the benefits

At this point I wanted to shift my own therapy practice to serve my clients in this way, with intensive treatments.

I wasn’t surprised when my clients started to report great and profound changes. I was thrilled to watch them literally come alive before my eyes. Their faces were brighter. They had a glow to them. Their posture became more upright and relaxed. Their pain, stiffness and dysfunction started to ease and disappear. And their authentic and lively personalities started to be expressed.

As a therapist I was excited to be able to support my clients’ healing process easier and better during an intensive treatment. I could offer in-the-moment and highly intuitive ideas and suggestions for their care. I could facilitate the process right in the moment of need, rather than wait for days or weeks between treatments. The bond of trust created and fostered was easier and more powerful. In short, my clients went from looking and feeling dull and in pain to looking and feeling alive again.

The benefits of intensives

If you’re wondering what an intensive treatment might do for you here’s a list of the benefits I’ve seen in myself and my clients:

    • An opportunity to release and heal from past, complex or chronic trauma symptoms
    • An ability to address issues right in the moment for faster healing
    • A more effective way to address pain
    • The ability to break up old, habitual patterns of dysfunctional movement
    • Improvements in flexibility or motion right away
    • A better connection to your body
    • Enhanced intuition
    • A connection with your creativity
    • A better connection with your practitioner
    • Reduced post-treatment soreness
    • An increased ability to process mental or emotional blocks
    • An increased ability to practice a positive mindset

These are just some of the possible benefits.

There’s hope, I promise

I know you’ve been to ten different doctors already with very little care or answers. When you walk away from an intensive experience you’ll have no regrets. I know you’re scared. I know you’re frustrated. I want you to know that there’s something more out there. There’s something else you can do. You can get through this. You can take the steps you need to take to get to a different place from where you are now. You’ll have the support from someone who knows how to walk you through this and help you learn something you haven’t been taught yet.

What are your questions about intensive treatment? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

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Jessica Kaloutas, LMT, is an expert Myofascial Release therapist and teacher for those suffering from chronic pain, acute injury and trauma. It’s her calling to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal. She’s known for blending the ancient wisdom of Myofascial Release with empathy and compassion to offer powerful, mind/body education and treatment, resulting in personal empowerment, long-lasting pain relief and an amazing, joyful life. North Shore Myofascial Release is here to help you.


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